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Study Medical English in Vancouver

English for Medical Professionals

Located in British Columbia, Canada, the Vancouver Medical English Institute (VMEI) offers immersion courses in English as a Second Language designed for Medical Professionals.

These courses are offered both at the Vancouver campus of the Institute and as an outreach program in your own country.

Using the methods and unique curriculum developed by Pikku Vichert, the courses are concentrated on the use of English in a medical context. They teach both the language and culturally appropriate communication skills for practicing medical careers in an English speaking environment. 

VMEI understands that medical professionals need to make the best possible use of their limited time and therefore it has designed courses that produce results as quickly as possible. All Medical English courses are limited to a maximum of four students per class. This allows students effective interaction and provides ample opportunity for individual attention.

The school has a modern language laboratory and a library with subscriptions to medical periodicals and daily newspapers. The lounge is a comfortable centre for social contact between students and teachers. It has a microwave, fridge, espresso maker and other facilities to help students enjoy their lunch and conversation  (only in English please).


Students use the patient care simulator to practice their Medical English


Classes are limited to four students maximum.


In Class


Pikku Vichert is an outstanding educator, who not only has a complete understanding of her material and students' needs, but also knows how to instruct in an interesting and relevant manner.  I would not hesitate to recommend her to my clients as I know there is no-one who can deliver a better programme than she can.
Evelyn Reiss, M.A.
Education Consultant &
Reading and Writing Specialist

Details of new funding to help foreign students and medical professionals were announced November 23, 2018 - check VISAS page.

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