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  Preparation for Medical English


Would you like to have your English Level interview by or after you arrive?


Would you like VMEI to arrange accommodation for you?

What kind? Furnished Apartment

If your answer is yes, we will contact you to discuss what is currently available and what your preferences are for accommodation.


When we receive your registration, we will send you a detailed invoice showing the total fees for the courses you have chosen.

You can pay in any of the following ways. Please indicate which method you will be using and we will send information as to how you can make the payment.

Refund Policy

Written notice must be provided by a student to VMEI when the student withdraws, or by VMEI to the student where the institution dismisses a student.

Refunds before the program of study starts:
Notice Given Student Gets Back
Up to 7 days after signing contract Everything except $100 
More than 7 days after signing and more than 30 days before program starts. 75%
Less than 30 days before program starts. 60%
Refunds after the program of study starts:
Notice Given Student Gets Back
Before 10% of Program completed 50%
10 - 30% of Program completed 30%
Over 30% completed no refund