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Outreach Program

A Medical English course taught by VMEI staff in your own classroom
You do not have to send your students or staff to Canada to get the benefit of this unique program. The Institute offers a one-month intensive program in Medical English that can be brought to you. We will send our trained instructors to your institution to conduct a medical English program at your convenience.

VMEI teachers who have been trained in the VMEI method of medical English instruction will conduct courses at your location. This gives you the opportunity to offer medical English instruction to your staff or students without the cost and loss of time that traveling to Canada would entail.

The one-month program is a superb form of professional development that can be offered to hospital staff, or medical/nursing students.

The Program

The program is split into two four-hour sections each day of a 5-day week. This is usually a morning class and an afternoon class, but one class could be in the evening if that suits your students better. The entire program consists of 4 weeks. The instruction can be set up in different ways.

For upper beginners and lower intermediate students, the course would be Preparation for Medical English. For students with intermediate or higher English levels the course would be a combination of  Core Medical English and Practicing Medical English.

The program can accept 12 students per class. If you have the same students attend in the morning and afternoon, the morning would be Core Medical English and the afternoon would be Practicing Medical English.

On the other hand, you could offer a four-hour course to one group of students in the morning and to a different group in the afternoon (or evening). That could work well if you have students of different levels. In that case it could be more advantageous to do a lower level Core Medical English course in the morning and a higher level course in the afternoon.

VMEI can send a number of teachers to handle a combination of needs.  Each program would be modified for the specific needs of  the institution.

Entrance Requirements

Intermediate is the lowest level suitable for the Core Medical English program. Upper beginners should take the Preparation for Medical English course. This program is not intended for complete beginners, who should take an ESL course before joining this program.


To discuss this program for your institution and to reserve a time for the course, please contact our principal, Pikku Vichert at