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For interested students VMEI will arrange a working experience in the medical field. This would  be an unpaid position and would usually involve "shadowing" a Canadian medical professional as they went about their work. There is no charge to registered full-time students for this service.


There are many opportunities for volunteer work in medically related organizations and while the student may not be able to work exactly in their own specialty, the interaction of working in with medical professionals in a Canadian medical context can provide excellent experience and a great opportunity to practice the English skills learned in the classroom.


Students who want to do a medical internship in a hospital in Vancouver or British Columbia, are required by law to pass both the Canadian and the British Columbian medical/nursing exams or an exam that is related to the students field of expertise. This can be a lengthy procedure and we will try to help students with this on a case by case basis.

We also try to connect our students with Canadian professionals in their field for discussion and observation and for social occasions.